Data Logger

The measurement access occurs all two seconds. After 10 minutes the logger works out the average wind speed, as well as the maximum values and minimum values. After three hours the stored data are shifted to in the main storage to read out the measured data.

The data logger is connected with the provided USB cable (Mini-USB - Logger/ USB).

The logger contains a Samsung Li ion accumulator L18650 which can be changed easily by the operator, and is protected against excess voltage.

In the solar version the logger is equipped with four R6 accumulators which are charged by a Solar-Panel integrated in the case. The logger with a display unit indicates the directly measured wind speed in m/s.

The display can be delivered in the accumulator variation as well as in the solar variation.

The software is suited for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Data logger with accumulator

order number: 1.005.01 price: on application

Data logger with Solar-Panel and accumulator

order number: 1.005.02 price: on application