Temperature And Humidity

CPC 1/5-ME moist sensor
mit Pt100 1/3 DIN

measuring range: 0…100% rF output temperature: Pt100 1/3 DIN
output moist: 0…1 V supply voltage: 6…30V DC
accessories: 5m cable, membrane filter ZE20    
order number: 3.003.01 price: on application

sheet wetting sensor


The sheet wetting sensor is a capacitive measuring feeler which reacts to relative aerial dampness and strongly to condensing moisture. The analog continuous measuring area passes from drily (<0,1 volts) to at most moistens (depending on the wetting degree; completely in water dipped = 1,2 or 1,5 volts). Decisive threshold between drily and is moistened typically 0,2 volts.

The sensor should be mounted in an angle of 30° till 45° degree. The napped surface of the sensor musst be upturned.

The electronic of the sensor is maintenance free. The surface should freely be from insects, sheets etc. to enable stable travel time measurements. For Cleaning use some water and a cloth. (Once a year should be enough). Hygroscopic residues like hand sweat etc. should be cleaned with Isopropanol or spiritus.

L x D (mm): 150 x 22 supply voltage: +4,5 V DC ... 15 V DC
weight (without cable): 100 g supply current: 2mA (at 5V supply voltage)
length of cable: 3,5 m output voltage: + 0 - 1,5 V DC (analog signal)
temperature range: -20 ... +70 °C Anschlussbelegung: white = Gnd
brown=4,5 V … 15 V DC
shield not installed on the sensor side,
connection on the logger side
order number: 3.004.01 price: on application

soil moisture sensor BF-3

sensor with aluminium profile - soil mounting

electrical data:

supply voltage:

+5 V DC

current consumption:

1mA(@ 5V supply voltage)

output voltage:

100mV / wet … 4096mV / dry

temperature range:

-20 … + 60°C

sensor dimensions

dimensions: D x L (mm) ø 23mm x 83mm weight (without cable): 40g
standard length feed line: 5m cable length sensors: sensor 1 = 1m
sensor 2 = 1,2m
sensor 3 = 1,4m
other cable length up to 4m
order number: 3.005.01 price: on application