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The Anemometerbau GmbH disposes of a long-standing tradition. Its origin lies in the company Fuess. In 1875, the brothers Rosenmüller founded the Feinmechanische Werkstätten in Dresden and began with the development of products like the microanemometer or recording devices for fluidic devices. This company was successful in the market until 1977.

After the transition to the VEB Anemometerbau Dresden the company specialised on the production of anemometers and inclined-tube anemometers. After the reunification the company was transformed to a GmbH and the headquarters transferred to Rostock in 1993. From here, the further development of flow sensors and installations began with the aim of producing sensors which distinguish themselves by high measuring accuracy, long life and low power consumption. A system consisting of a mini data logger and anemometers which meets the highest standards was developed for the wind potential measurement of small wind turbines. Other priorities are the high quality standards which distinguish all products. The construction of fully automatic climate measuring devices which are generally used for storing weather data and for monitoring weather data in health resorts with a therapeutic climate already started in 1995.

What can you expect from the Anemometerbau GmbH?

For the wind site assessment of large wind turbines and wind farms, we offer you a complete package of wind measuring masts with a height of 2 to 200 metres with flow sensors and further sensors as well as data recording systems ranging as far as an autonomous power supply.

The Anemometerbau GmbH develops systems which can record climate data under extreme conditions. Our scope of service also includes the development and production of customized solutions through to patent development and the subsequent handover to the client.

We would be pleased to provide you with personal advice. Just contact us for your inquiry.

Joachim Pätz (CEO Anemometerbau GmbH)

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